Full Stack Web Attack - Testimonials

Here is what some people have said regarding the past trainings:


I recommend @steventseeley’s Full Stack Web Attack from @sourceincite. I know it’s going to be offered a few times next year, you should take it! It’s training unlike anything else. I am excited to put my newly found skills to work. Awesome stuff! – @awhitehatter


Just finished an amazing training course with @steventseeley - Full Stack Web Attack @sourceincite. I highly recommend it if you wanna take your php, java, and general web exploitation skills to the next level. – @kiqueNissim


It was a great course, I think is one of the best I ever had, I liked how Steven always explained each exercise very well and clarified any doubts. Essentially I’m very happy to have taken this course and I will recommend it to my collegues for the next year. Thanks Steven! – Anonymous


GREAT course man! thank you SO much! – Anonymous


try harder, thanks mr_m3 – Anonymous


It was very inspiring to see your strategy, way of thinking and searching through code. That is even more valuable than the vulnerabilities themselves. It was possibly one of the most challenging trainings, I took, in a good way. – Anonymous


The @sourceincite #FSWA training from @steventseeley was simply badass! Highly recommend anyone who wants to learn the latest techniques in getting webshells on hard targets ;-) – @TecR0c


Finally attended the Full Stack Web Attack (FSWA) course by @sourceincite/@steventseeley earlier this week! The course is full of insights on vuln discovery, debugging and exploit techniques. Exercises are challenging and thought-provoking. Overall, it’s an awesome course! – @Creastery


Pictured here: me taking in all the information from the Full Stack Web Attack course by @sourceincite/@steventseeley Having a blast! Last day tomorrow and then I’ll read the 1000 tabs I have opened in the last few days for further reading – @dee__see


Before signing up, “Man idk so many stuffs. Feel like I am not cut out for the FSWA class of @steventseeley.”Turned out the knowledge I had was good enough to start understanding and figuring out stuffs. Learning so many cool techniques too. Defo recommended anyone to take it :D – @imhaxormad


Module 2 of @sourceincite’s FSWA course was incredibly useful for understanding the subtle (and non-subtle) details in modern Java exploitation. I’ve got some new ideas to expand my #codeql research – @calderpwn


Finally got the chance to take the FSWA training with @steventseeley. It is the best course out there when it comes to advanced web exploitation. Would recommend anyone take it!! – @0xibram


Finally got to take FSWA with @steventseeley. It’s one of the best offensive courses I’ve taken and seen available today. Highly recommend for anyone doing exploit development and bug hunting – @jrozner


@steventseeley thanks again for the great training. The exercises were excellent. – @actae0n


Shoutout to @steventseeley for his #FSWA training. Really nice bugs, exploits and very well presented. Was a blast, would recommend! – @niph_


Just finished FSWA from @sourceincite, wow! Everything presented is applicable and nothing is contrived. Well executed as a remote training as well. – @0xC413


Wow after 4 long days! we ended what in the web is clearly an amazing training. Thanks @sourceincite – @p3r1k0