Full Stack Web Attack - FAQ

What is this training about?

This training covers web application vulnerability research - Approaches to discovering and exploiting complex server side web application vulnerabilities.

What is included?

  • Four days of hands-on practice, training and guidance
  • A very detailed digital handbook with step by step guides for each module and solution
  • The course slide deck used for lectures
  • A copy of the whole training platform (all modules and docker containers)
  • Access to private channels of our slack workspace (continued support after training for completing content )

What is the course structure?

  • Hours: 9am - 5pm*
  • Lunch break: 12.30pm for 1 hour
  • Coffee break: 10.30am for 10 minutes
  • Coffee break: 3.15pm for 10 minutes

* The day-to-day hours maybe adjusted at the discretion of the trainer and students.

How many students are their per class?

For online classes, there is a maximum of 16 students and live classes with a maximum of 20.

What is the price of the course?

All prices are in USD and include IVA:

  • Student price (must register with .edu email address) $3,133.17
  • Early bird price (6 weeks before the session) $3,600.00
  • Regular price $4,000.00

Why are you only offering X number of public trainings this year?

Our primary business is vulnerability research and exploitation. Course content is derived from such research and in order to provide a training that covers bleeding edge attack techniques the instructor needs to continually improve their skills.

Is this class offered online?


Can I get a discount?


Do you offer private trainings?

Yes, but only online for now. Please contact training@ if you are interested.

Do you offer a certification for this training?

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Sorry but this class does not offer a certification at this time.