Full Stack Web Attack - Prerequisites

The student should bring with them:

  • An open mind that is ready to focus - level: (10/10)
  • Moderate or advanced skills scripting skills - level: (7/10)
  • Some exposure to container based technologies and unix operating systems - level: (5/10)
  • A strong understanding of various web technologies such as http(s), client/reverse proxies and browsers (not including internals) - level: (10/10)
  • A foundational understanding of common web vulnerabilities - level: (5/10)

Since this course is offered online, the student will also need:

  • A stable and fast internet connection
  • A x64 host operating system
  • 16 Gig RAM minimum
  • Virtualization software (VMWare Workstation or Fusion preferred)
  • 100 Gig of available hard disk space

Additionally, before signing up for this course students should complete the challenge to self assess if this course is right for them.